Jeffie Brewer is coming home, March 18-19, 2022
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Following are suggested images for the Jeffie painting, commissioned with Stacy Campbell. See her work at
The commission is to create a large-scaled representation of Jeffie Brewer, the showcase artist for Palestine's 2022 Arts Track event.
Jeffie grew up in Palestine and has achieved national acclaim for his art work.

This painting will be exhibited among 10 works of art by Jeffie placed on the main street in downtown Palestine.
The painting gives a face to the art, a tone to Jeffie's body of work, and a feel for the artist who creates these colorful, fun, light-hearted sculptures.


This is the home page of Jeffie's web page.

Note: colors, fonts, characters

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Your style looses the grayscale and gradations. So, the firm lines and black/white delineation works some times and then can look creepy on other profiles. This images of Jeffie seems to work, but the cloud is not attractive. I wonder if even a solid cloud color would work? The black and white cloud looks like it needs something. My opinion is the large, close-up of Jeffie's face does not hold up without the grayscale presentation.

Total canvas size: 48" x 71", visible canvas size: 46" x 69"              
The wooden canvas fits inside the easel frame. The frame has a 1.5 inch border around the wooden canvas. Note: The edge of the canvas will not be seen. It would be great to consider the border, in case the painting sells outside of the Arts Track frame, and even consider painting the back of the wooden canvas.