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  Community Entrance (Midcities & Winter Park) Pascale Pryor Pascale Pryor   Magnolia Park Laura Abrams   Laura Abrams Different configured magnolia   "Butterfly Park" Hudson Winter Park Pascale Pryor Laura Abrams David Hickman   Winter Park "Party Park"     Park Signage Eliseo Garcia Eliseo Garcia   8400 Bridge street Nic Noblique Nic Noblique           North end of winter park   Median - Winter Park Road Eliseo Garcia Back view Side view  
          8213 Bridge           5813 Winter Park (Hudson & Winter Park Road)                                           6017 Winter Park (Beetle Nut & Winter Park) Eternal Love 6.5 ft. x 3 ft. x 2 ft.    
Pascale Pryor proposed art placement       Proposed space 8 feet by 8 feet           Proposed space 22 feet long                       Click HERE to view installation images                     Texas Cream Limestone    
  Sherbert Park Mid Cities & Winter Park Drive       Magnolia Park (without landscaping containment)   Proposed magnolia design                                                    
Eliseo proposed art placement                                                              

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on top row, far right


Artist: Eliseo Garcia

  Lakeside Sherbert Park                                                                
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