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Frisco Art Project


The Canals at Grand Park, Frisco, Texas

Proposal presentation:  Friday, February 16th, 10 am., at Arcadia Realty offices, 3500 Maple Ave., #1165, Dallas, TX.  75219

A layered, silhouette metal sculpture considering the sight-line through the middle of the community with the community center at the end of the canal alley.  The front view is a flat “cut-out,” silhouette and the side view is the thin lines of layered metal sheets.
Theme/concept:  Capturing the iconic western, rugged theme/cowboy on a horse, portrayed in a contemporary/abstract representation.


The developer, Arcadia Realty is finishing a multi-level, multi-use housing development in Frisco and he has a central space within the community which is designed to have a monumental piece of art. 

Here is the development web page:

The address:  4485 Cotton Gin Road, Frisco, TX.  75034

The square (Placement of art) in question is at the intersection of the canals.

 The budget has not been established for this work of art, but will probably fall within 20K - 50K.  Bill is committed to doing something interesting, unique and lasting.

-  Monumental size work of art  (I do not have exact dimensions.  Guessing- 10-15 feet tall, 10 feet wide, 5 feet deep.
-  The space is a square, located in the middle of the development with a canal feeding underneath from all four sides.
-  The developer is seeking a multi-media experience.  (including sounds, light, visual and potentially interactive
-  The budget will be dictated by the quality of the concept.
-  Current proposal is utilizing thick slabs of security glass with some type of image/lighting projected through the piece.
-  The time frame is start immediately and get it done as soon as possible.  There’s no unreasonable time-line, it’s just the community is ready for the finished piece.

What the community sees as driving into the area with the site at the end Front view of site in the middle of four converging waterways Front view of the site, surrounded by four roads. Side view of the site in the middle of the roundabout. One proposal submitted.  Four cowboys riding into the sunset.  10' tall.

4485 Cotton Gin Road, Frisco, TX.  75034

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Meet:  Tuesday, July 18th., 10 am.

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The UTD design team brainstorms ideas and concepts around the installation.  (August 23, 2017)    
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