Artist's Submissions 2020 - Hometown Art Project              
Joe Barrington         

Here of a couple of quick sketches with the animal cracker box changed to look more like an original box. Also it will be placed on a mound and be surrounded by a rubber barrier to hold in the playground mulch. All corners will be rounded or lined with round rod. All surfaces will be powder coated or rhino lined. There will be 4 animals scattered around the box.

I have also included a sketch of an 18”x18” square Texas limestone block that will be carved to look like children’s wood blocks. These could be place around as seating.

This would be an addition to the animal cracker sculpture. These would be priced at $2500.00 each.

And last I have included a sketch of a tinker toy airplane. It would be approx 25’ long.

It would be constructed of steel pipe and fabricated steel spools. All surfaces would be powder coated.
I will be glad to come down and meet with the committee and answer any questions they have. I have been constructing and placing pieces in public settings for over 30 years. I understand what it takes to make a SAFE, DURABLE, lOW MAINTENANCE
Piece of outdoor sculpture.

Joe Barrington

Budget: $50,000     Tinker Toiy Airplane Sample bench - $2,500 each          

Here are a couple of photos for scale.
The elephant is full size for the proposal.
The other animals will be in proportion the elephant is 3’ tall. I want the animals large enough to see, but small enough kids can play around them.
The second photo shows the height the “box” will be the horizontal line in the photo is 42” tall it will be approx 8’ long x 4’ deep.

The Finish
There is not paint on this sculpture.
Here is the process for the finish.
The welded steel sculpture will be sandblasted to a grey finish. The red and yellow on the box will be a Baked on powdercoated finish. Then the box will receive a clear UV resistant powdercoated finish. This is as a durable, tough, low maintence finish. Example of where this finish is used are: outdoor furniture, city light poles, grill guards on pickups, etc.

The inside of the box and the animals will be sprayed with colored Rhino Liner, this is the material used to make pickup beds virtually indestructible. . It will be applied as a smooth finish kids can crawl on.
A good example of my work with these two finishes is the Buffalo Skull at Frontier Texas,In Abilene. It has been on the grounds there approximately 8 years and looks like it did when we installed it on location.

Thanks, If you need and more info please let me know.
Joe Barrington

            Budget: $50,000            
Art Garcia                         
    Budget: $43,500                    
Jeffie Brewer         

I'm thinking the birds on the sculpture would be on thrust washers so they would rotate with the wind. I'm also super open to color, multi-color birds, monotone birds or red birds. Also open to the type of bird, I do like the simple generic bird but willing to play with the shape. 

Threw in a weirdo at the end, happy to play with some abstraction on the bench but figured traditional would be best.

15-20K on the sculpture and 5-7K on the bench. It depends on the size and numbers of course. Let me know if you'd like anything special before tomorrow. I could go bigger maybe, it's a pretty simple form, I'm guessing those trees are 20-25 feet tall... maybe 20' for the shapes? Something to think about.

All the best,


Budget: $44,000         Budget: $50,000              
Eric Stein                     
    Budget: $45,000 - $50,000                    
Joshua Goode                         
    Budget: $39,700                    
Michelle O'Michael         

• Here are two drawings. One is a view facing the swing.
• The second image is a side view, showing the opening in which to enter. It is drawn with the pipe supports. One leg is superimposed with the flower stalk structure which is the end product of the pipes.
• Both images show a six to nine inch, stained and stamped, concrete pad.
• Proposed height is nine to twelve feet tall.
• The material will be thick enough to support a teenage climber.
• The texture of the flower leaves is a preliminary concept with the final aspect to be determined in fabrication.
• The dragonfly swing back design is interlaced round bar to be made with sitting comfort as the priority.
• The concrete pad can be easily integrated into the park landscape with small bushes or flowering plants complementing the swing design.

These drawings are to clarify my initial drawing, showing the flexibility of the design concept. My objective is to satisfy the usage requirements with an artistic structure complimenting the surrounding houses and pleasing to the homeowners.

Budget: $50,000                        
Russ Connell                       
  Budget: $40,000 - $45,000                
Dewane Hughes         
I am attaching images for Crepuscular Rays for further consideration for the hometown project.  I think this is a strong contender because of its relationship to the surrounding area, especially the trees.  I will trust that the committee remembers my explanation as to crepuscular rays being the filtration of light through things such as leaves on trees.  If open looks at the upper portion of my proposed sculpture, they will obviously see a "canopy" or two parallel "sails" that have perforations offset from each other that would simulate this phenomenon, particularly during the day, and then transversely mimic stars at night.  I would propose that the sails be made of stainless steel with the inner planes being polished to increase their reflective nature, while one of the outer planes painted a pale green to represent the trees and foliage, and the other outer plane painted pale blue representing the sky.

The curved portion toward the bottom, as well as the "peg" that holds the canopy together would have a rust brown natural patina that would be sealed with a clear coat.  Finally, the hemisphere at the bottom would be painted a golden hello to recognize the sun, the origin of the whole phenomenon.  Of course I imagine that the whole thing would be mounted to a stained concrete base.

Finally, I propose some artistically inspired seating in the immediate vicinity to encourage community participation and appreciation.  I would fabricate two benches from stainless and painted mild steel, also with randomly arranged perforations to reiterate the crepuscular theme.


Budget: $35,000                  
Design Team                  

This work of art fits into Bowling Green park as a playful addition and communicates the communities’ commitment to unique art utilizing classic materials.  It provides an interesting, monumental scaled sculpture that complements the layout of the space and engages park visitors. 
The theme is playful, offering an arrangement of nostalgic classical building blocks (assembled steel, all corners & edges rounded for safety), strategically placed to facilitate an interactive, entertaining and fun experience for young children and adults. The installation combines a realistic style, while playing with scale and proportion.  The design includes multiple seating features and play surfaces, placed strategically underneath the shade of the Oak trees. 

The Portal is positioned within the trees, as not to compete with or over crowd the corner.  It also serves to frame the scene from both the perspective outward from the trees and inward from the street for passers-by.

Budget: $48,500                    
  Sample bench Sample bench Sample entries Sample bench